QRIS/Spark Readiness

Our QRIS/Spark Readiness courses have been designed to provide professional development that supports program development and readiness for QRIS/Spark domains and standards. These courses are available to be scheduled as stand-alone or sequenced sessions and are designed to provide cohort-style interactions and peer supports between participants. All of our sessions are available to be scheduled online or face-to-face for groups or individuals.

  • Participants are provided with opportunities to actively engage in content that covers each of the QRIS domains and standards.

  • Trainings are linked to the Oregon Registry and cover a range of Core Knowledge Categories in Set One, Set Two, and Set Three.

  • Over 140 hours of training available either online or face-to-face.

Please note

Ask Phoenix Solutions Trainers are not Quality Improvement Specialists for QRIS and do not act in that capacity when teaching these courses. Our Trainers are subject experts who work with participants to increase their learning and competency in quality improvement topics. Ask Phoenix Solutions trainers will not review portfolio submissions nor advise on whether a portfolio portion meets QRIS standards. Have questions?