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Our unique, collaborative online learning environment is instructor-facilitated and driven by you and your goals. To get started view the QuickStart Guide then take a look at our catalogs.

We are dedicated to your success! Therefore, we stay in touch until you have your certificate (or tell us to leave you alone) and offer many supports along the way.

Not sure you're ready for APS online learning? (We think you are!) Read more about Active Learning and to see our Online Learning FAQ.

1. QuickStart Guide

New to APS online learning? This step-by-step guide will walk you through registering, paying for and participating in your online course. View in Spanish

2. Catalogs

Our catalogs. Be sure to take a look at the bar beneath the title for the number of hours the course is available online. Click here for Pricing.

3. Register & Pay

We will email your course enrollment key within 2 business days of receiving your registration. Need us to send you an Invoice?

4. Online Campus

If you haven't already, visit the campus and create your user account so you're ready to go when you receive your enrollment key.


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