Welcome to the Clackamas CCR&R Partner Page!

Our partnership with Ask Phoenix Solutions enables us to support you and your professional development goals through online training. 

To begin, find the course(s) you're after, jot down the name(s), ID(s) and total up the online hours. Then it's a short registration form and a payment away!


Mailing in your payment or need us to invoice you for online courses? Use this link to register for your course(s).

You'll receive an email with instructions for accessing the online campus and your course from Ask Phoenix Solutions within 2 business days.

Once you have successfully completed your course and the instructor has reviewed your coursework, you can get your certificate. You will need to submit your certificate to ORO with a cover sheet.

Have questions regarding the certificate or CCR&R process?

Call Antoinette at (503) 675-4100


Have questions about content or course navigation?

Call APS Online Help at (503) 419-7023