The Quality Improvement Process

Copyright Ask Phoenix Solutions, LLC 2016

Copyright Ask Phoenix Solutions, LLC 2016

Let’s face it. In order to support positive outcomes for children and families you have to keep moving forward. Moving forward involves learning and growing and applying that learning to your environment. You can charge ahead without goals or an idea of where you want to end up but chances are you’ll end up in the weeds or find yourself facing some of the same issues again and again. So how do you continually move forward in a meaningful way?

Enter the Quality Improvement Process. When you engage in this process, you will learn how to walk around the “wheel” in a meaningful way; learning and growing at every point. We can help you when you get stuck or we can walk side-by-side with you as you go. You decide.


1. The process starts with Identifying what issue you need to address.

We work with you to examine your program and find your pain points. Sometimes this is straightforward, other times this is more complex. Human beings are complicated and getting to the heart of the matter may take time and patience.

Ways to Identify what needs work

  • Observation
  • Assessment
  • Systems Audit
  • Document Review
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Group Meetings


2. You’ve identified the issue you want to work on. Now what? Make a plan.

How will you address this issue? What tools will you apply to this problem? How will you know that you are successful? We love to plan and SMART goals are our favorite! Let us help you look objectively at the data you gathered and plan the best way to move forward.

Things to consider as you Plan

  • Training and/or Coaching needs for Management or Staff
  • Resources needed by Management and Staff
  • Quality Improvement Planning Tools
  • Group Facilitation in preparation for change
  • Supports needed by Management and Staff


3. Time for action. This is where you Implement your plan.

The point on the “wheel” where flexibility is needed most, implementing your plan will require you to take action and make adjustments. Rigidly following the plan when it’s not working will only frustrate you. Take the time that is needed to use your tools and apply your strategies. We’ll cheer you on and offer whatever supports you need.

How to Implement effectively

  • Refine Timelines
  • Clarify Expectations
  • Establish Checkpoints
  • Be Flexible!


4. Pause and reflect; check and adjust. Evaluating your progress is critical.

How is it going? What’s working? Why? How can that success be applied in other areas? For a while, it may feel like you’re bouncing back and forth between Implementing and Evaluating. This is a good sign! We can help you maintain laser focus on your goals. This focus and Evaluation will show you how far you’ve come!

Key points to Evaluate

  • Measure Outcomes
  • Celebrate Success
  • Marketing/Tell Your Story


5. It’s working! Make it stick! Standardize the change.

Everything we do is focused on making the change you’ve worked so hard to achieve a lasting part of your organization. From revising procedures to helping you develop a system from scratch, we know that making change last takes intentional planning and commitment. We’ll help you recognize the challenges and manage the changes.

Tools for working toward Standardization

  • Acknowledge Challenges
  • Focus on the Positives
  • Practice
  • Develop Your System


Quality Improvement activities take many forms and sizes. If you find yourself stuck somewhere on the “wheel” we’d love to offer our assistance. We’ll talk it through and figure out how to get you moving forward again.

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